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Smoke Damage Restoration Services in New Mexico

We understand how frightening of an experience it can be to have your property effective by smoke damage.  When opening your windows and doors isn’t enough call Quality Air Of New Mexico. 

We use professional air scrubbers and air movers to filter out the smoke damage.  We service Residential or Commercial properties throughout New Mexico.  Quality Air of New Mexico will work with your insurance company to restore your property to a smoke free environment.  We take the professional approach to cleaning your home making it a safe place to live.

Smoke damage is hidden damage left behind by fires. The damage is invisible to the eye, but can affect your property value long term if not mitigated. After a wildfire, opening windows and doors will not alleviate this invisible damage. You can rest assured after working with Quality Air of New Mexico that your home is free of smoke damage and the harmful effects of fire. You can cross one more thing off your list as you recover from the fires.

We work with all insurance companies and have payments plans for those that are uninsured. We take the professional approach to cleaning your home and returning your peace of mind.

Your Air Quality Professional

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration - Commercial Air Scrubbers and Air Movers

Smoke Damage can be hazardous and should be restored by experts like Quality Air of New Mexico. Getting to the smoke damage immediately can have a major impact to having clean air. Commercial grade air scrubbers are designed to restore and filter contaminants such as dust, mold and other harmful toxins. Using a 3 stage HEPA filtration system can greatly improve the air quality.

If you have experienced smoke damage from a forest fire or a house hold fire call us today. Quality Air Of NM is working with victims that have been effective from Smoke Damage created by the New Mexico forest fires and can assist you with your insurance claims.

Helpful Tips

Keep children and pets Safe

Do not allow children to play in ash. Clean ash off all children’s toys before use. Keep pets away from contaminated sites.

Protect your health

Avoid direct contact with ash. Use N95 mask and wear gloves, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, shoes and socks to avoid skin contact.

Bring in fresh air

Air out your indoor space as soon as possible. Open all doors and window if smoke damage has occurred indoors. Use air cleaners to remove particles and odors.

Deep Clean Your Home

Clean all surface areas with soap and water. Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning Ash. It can create a toxic environment with mixed with ash. Vacuum floors/carpet/rugs, drapes, furniture.

Wash All Clothes

Wash all clothing to get rid of the smoke damage. Cleaning clean clothes in bags and plastic container. Clean clothes can be stored in plastic bags and storage containers.

Replace Air Filters

You may need to change your filters multiple times after smoke damage has occurred. Purchase MERV 11 or 12 rated filters if possible. Air duct cleaning may be needed or recommended.

What Our Clients Say About Our Work

Troy S.

Working with Quality Air of NM has be a tremendous help getting rid of the smoke damage after a wildfire. Everything smelled like smoke and after they installed the air movers we could see a big difference

John V.

Unbelievable service! We had smoke damage throughout the house. Quality Air of NM was there with in a hour. They worked with our insurance to get rid of all the smoke. It was a nightmare of a situation and they were excellent to work with. Thank you so much for the quick service.

Marcelo C.

My wife left a chicken on the stove and our entire house was filled with smoke. Luckily the house didn’t catch fire but we had burnt chicken smell that we couldn’t get rid of. Opening the windows and doors did not help. We call Quality Air of NM and they brought in the air scrubbers that evening. Thank you for all your help!

Troy S.

Working with Quality Air of NM has be a tremendous help getting rid of the smoke damage after a wildfire. Everything smelled like smoke and after they installed the air movers we could see a big difference

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